Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose is to regulate matters relating to the management for the New gTLD domain names (‘.삼성’ and ‘.samsung’) of SAMSUNG SDS Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "SAMSUNG SDS").
Article 2 (Registrant Qualifications)
New gTLD domain names Registrant is limited to employees of SAMSUNG SDS or head office, subsidiary offices and partners without any country restrictions
Article 3 (Registration Period)
1 to 10 years
Article 4 (Registration Fee)
1. The applicant or the registrant of a domain name shall pay domain name registration fee determined by the Registrar.
2. The Registrar shall pay the maintenance fee for the registration or renewal of domain names to SAMSUNG SDS.
Article 5 (Registration Requirements)
1. The alphabet [A to Z] or [a to z], Hangul Syllables [11,172 characters of complete Hangul], numbers [0 to 9] and hyphen are available for use for domain names.
2. The domain name shall contain a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters. If the domain name contains Hangul Syllables, it shall contain a minimum of 1 characters and a maximum of 17 characters.
3. The domain name cannot begin nor end with a hyphen and third character and fourth character cannot have consecutive usage of hyphen.
Article 6 (Responsibility of the Registrant)
1. Registrants shall ensure that all information in the registration records of a domain name is up-to-date, complete and accurate.
2. Of the registrant information, at least one of registrant name or registrant email must be information related to SAMSUNG SDS, Samsung Group or Samsung Affiliates.
3. Upon registration of a domain name, it is the registrant's responsibility to take any necessary steps to avoid infringement of others' rights, and violation of the law.
Article 7 (Domain Name Registration)
1. New gTLD domain names registration is available through accredited registrars from ICANN.
2. Domain name registration application is submitted by the Registrant through the registrar and the registrar must submit the following matters to SAMSUNG SDS.
- Domain name
- Registrant name, E mail, Address
- Name server information
- Domain registration period
- Other issues decided by SAMSUNG SDS and registrar
3. SAMSUNG SDS must register domain name to the database in order data specified in Article 2 arrives to SAMSUNG SDS. However, if it is expected that multiple applications will be submitted at the same time or a new domain will be introduced, a separate method may be used for registration for the domain name dispute prevention and public's interest.
4. SAMSUNG SDS may not register New GTLD domain name that is composed of character strings contained in Article 10 for a stable operation of domain name and the interest of public.
Article 8 (Modification of Registration Record)
1. Registrants may modify the registration record of their domain names through Registrar.
2. Upon receiving a registrant's request to modify the registration record, SAMSUNG SDS shall update the registrant's information in the database.
Article 9 (Termination of Registration/Deletion of Domain Names)
1. When 30 days have passed from the date that the registration record has been confirmed as being incomplete and incorrect;
2. When 30 days have passed from the date that the registrant has requested the deletion of the domain name;
3. When the fees have not been paid for up to 30 days after the expiration date;
4. When 30 days have passed from the date that the registrant was confirmed as having failed to meet the requirements as described in Article 2 or 4.
Article 10 (Reserved names)
SAMSUNG SDS limits the New gTLD domain name registration composed of the following characters at the least. The list may be updated when ICANN or GAC requires addition of limited character strings or issued character string of Korea of the times.

1. The two-character string.
2. Reserved names specified by ICANN.
3. Country and Territory Names.
4. Characters undermining public moral and public interest of Republic of Korea.
Article 11 (Reserved Names Release)
If the limited character strings fall under the following items, limit clearance can be suggested to ICANN or release reserved names on the basis of Standard Korean Language Dictionary provided by the National Institute of the Korean Language:

1. limited string character related to trademarks recognized worldwide.
2. limited string character related to products recognized worldwide.
3. limited string character related to brands recognized worldwide.
4. limited string character related to improvement of public interest of Republic of Korea.
5. other cases in which an individual or company has right to limited string characters.
Article 12 (Dispute Resolution)
1. Resolution policy follows Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) and Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure (PDDRP) adopted by ICANN, and the resolution procedure is processed in the committee's specified by ICANN.
2. Upon the committee's request to lock the registration record of a domain name, SAMSUNG SDS or Registrar shall lock the registration record of the domain name.
3. SAMSUNG SDS or Registrar shall take appropriate actions in the following circumstances:
- a determination under URS or PDDRP has been finalized;
- a court order has entered into effect.